Burlexercise is a medium to high intensity fitness class designed specifically for an all over body workout. We take you on a physical journey, burning calories, toning and tightening all those problem areas from top to bottom, whilst incorporating token showgirl elements.

Our focus is to get you fit, in shape and feeling body confident but most importantly we will make sure you are having fun exercising!




A medium to high intensity class combining cardio and toning exercises. The routines are performed infront of you by the instructor and you follow along. We start with a warm up and end with a cool down. This class consists of half an hour of dance fitness for the cardio section and half an hour resistance exercises for the toning section. An all over body workout with a wiggle, guaranteed! Book a class



An hour of toning exercises designed to tone, tighten, define and strengthen your muscles. An all over body workout incorporating weights and floor work targeting our arms, abs, legs and bum. I recommend small handheld weights of no more than 2kg each. If you do not have any weights, water bottles or tins of food work just as well. Book a Class



A combination of ballet, yoga and pilate movements set to music to stimulate and activate your muscles. Designed to improve strength, coordination, balance and flexibility this class is guaranteed to take your fitness to the next level. Book a Class



A medium to high intensity class combining cardio and barre exercises. This class consists of half an hour of dance fitness for the cardio section and half an hour of barre exercises to finish. An all over body workout guaranteed to make you feel fitter and stronger. Book a Class



Private sessions can be tailored to your individual needs. You tell me what your goals are and what you would like to achieve from the sessions and a programme will be designed for you using all the relevant elements from the Burlexercise classes I have to offer. We can work on weightloss, muscle toning and definition, balance and flexibility, resistance, strength...the choice is yours.
If you would like a private session please contact me to arrange an appointment.



Group Classes

All group classes are priced at £5 per person per class. All group classes are one hour long.


Private Sessions

Private sessions are priced at £12.50 per person per session if booked individually. If a block booking of 5 sessions is booked the price is £50.00 per person making each session £10 each saving you £12.50. All sessions are one hour long.



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Telephone / Text: 07935429259

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