Part of our photography work incorporates Body Confidence photography group events. We feel it is important to represent all body types within our photography work and because of this we hold events and carry out projects specifically related to Body Confidence and Body Acceptance.

If you would like to register your interest for any future projects and/or events please send us a message via the contact us page and we will then inform you of any up and coming events.

1. Spot The Difference

Spot the Difference is an ongoing body positivity project started in 2017. Carried out in a private studio near Market Rasen Spot the Difference is about promoting body positivity through acceptance without judgement. The naked body is nothing to be ashamed of and the aim of this project is to show nudity as non sexual, for all people and part of every day life.

The photo shoot consists of two images being taken, one of you clothed and the other of you naked. These images are then placed side by side to generate a third image. Both photographs are taken in the same setting and the same position so the only difference is the clothing. While full nudity is required, you are in charge of the pose and therefore how much of you is on display. it is possible to have a naked photograph taken with nothing on show and the example picture here shows that.

You will receive the following if you attend this group event:

  • Use of a private studio with various sets available for you to choose from
  • 1 digital photograph of you clothed 
  • 1 digital photograph of you naked
  • 1 digital and printed photograph of your clothed and naked images side by side
  • Online password protected gallery for you to view your images 

2. Imconfidentlyme project

A project designed to show that all bodies are beautiful regardless of age, shape, size and/or disability. 14 people took part in the first installment of this project. They were all photographed in either underwear or swimwear and then shared a story about themselves and the relationship they have with their bodies. Each participant was also given a letter and asked to create that letter using their body. We used the words Body Confidence for this one.

A final image was produced of each participant showing their portrait photograph with their personal story displayed alongside it. A group photograph was then produced showing all the participants together. We then produced another image using the letter shapes from each person to spell out the words Body Confidence. 

It was a very successful project and we have received some very good feedback from it. If you would like to view the project in its entity please visit our facebook page.

Each participant was supplied with a digital copy of their final story image.

3. Glitter Photo shoot

A fun and colourful photography project again, to showcase all bodies are beautiful regardless of size, shape, age and/or disability. We asked for 10 participants for this first installment and we are now offering this as group and individual shoots.

Full nudity is not required for this project. You may wear nipple covers and nude coloured knickers/briefs if you wish. All glitter is biodegradeable and any colour is available upon request.

We make the body glitter ourselves using only the best products which are great for the skin and the enviroment. Full coverage is achieved either by applying the glitter by hand or by brush. Multiple colours can be used if you wish, you do not have to have just one colour. Each participant was supplied with their individual images.